Susan Walker, Author


Raising Angels

With her minister/rancher/Army reservist husband called to active service and sent to Afghanistan for six months, Raine Montgomery must keep his ministry at Raising Angels Church, the family home called Noah’s Ranch, and her veterinary practice going while raising their three adopted children—fifteen-year-old Gabi, nine-year-old Rafe, and five-year-old Ariel.

Michael Reeves is a nightmare-suffering Army veteran who, along with his best friend Jake Montgomery, arrive at Noah’s Ranch just when Raine is about to give up. Having given up on God, and nearing the end of his mental rope, Michael is not sure what to think when Ariel says she and the angels love him and are praying for him to find his way home again.

Ariel Montgomery is not only a true believer, but talks regularly with her angels, and passes along messages. She knows her purpose in life is to love everything and everyone, though she sees Mr. Michael as a challenge, but one she willingly takes on, despite his skepticism.


Chicken Soup for the Soul:

The Best Advice I Ever Heard

#2: One Brave Thing by Susan Walker

People aren’t shy about giving advice. Whatever the advice - romantic, parental, financial, nutritional, occupational - you’ve heard it all.  But what’s the best advice you ever heard? The contributors to this book have answered that question 101 different ways. This collection of personal tips, traditional adages, and clever observations covers such diverse topics as life, love, success, forgiveness, friendship, character, health, and many more. 

Has your whole outlook ever been changed by a few choice words? Did you change your life as a result of one piece of advice? In Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Best Advice I Ever Heard, 101 people share the words that changed everything for them, and how their lives improved as a result. This combination Christmas and New Year New You book provides the gift of advice—relatable for readers of all ages from all walks of life—with tips on such diverse topics as love, fitness, forgiveness, friendship, character, self-discipline, and health.


The Magic of Dragonfly

Deciding her fortieth birthday is time to make some changes to her life, Bay Alexander declares the next year to be "The Year of Dragonfly". After learning her grandmother died, Bay returns to Larksboro just in time for the funeral. Meeting with her grandmother’s attorney gives her a new set of challenges of reopening her great-grandmother’s beauty salon. As she settles in to the family, she finds herself drawn to Max.

As Bay works to fulfill the terms of her grandmother’s will, she must fight her aunt, who wants Bay’s inheritance. Meanwhile, Max has healed from his wife’s death and makes it clear he wants Bay to be his woman. Can Bay fend off her aunt's attempts to start a new life in Larksboro? And is lasting love in the cards for her and Max?

A Bear's Tale: Stories of My Life

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Join Alexander T. Bear as he shares some of his most memorable adventures as the protector and sidekick to members of the Quigglebush family. For one hundred years, Alexander has had adventures big and small, both in the military as well as on the home front. His stories include run-ins with hungry camels and runaway horses, blizzards and balloons, and even one President of the United States.


Benjamin the Bagel Hound, is afraid of everything. Patches, The Bravest Cat in the World, is currently homeless. These five stories show the growth of their friendship as Benjamin learns to be brave and Patches finds her forever home. Proceeds from sales of this book benefit the Colonial Capital Humane Society and their work in eastern North Carolina finding homes for homeless furbabies.